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Turboflo Provides one-stop solution for all your hard water problems with our unique range of Anti Scaling and Anti Microbial Water Treatment Devices.


Turboflo Water Sciences offers effective and reliable water treatment solutions to its clients. We are a bunch of innovative and imaginative people who work relentlessly to offer specialized solutions. With a solid optimism and a positive approach, we accept challenging tasks and take them through. Offering high-quality, effective water treatment solutions is our specialty. We have become the most sought name in the industry. We are a “Truly Green” company with all our products supporting the ecology in an efficient way.

Our objective is to provide cutting-edge technology and improve the standard of living. The Turboflo Sciences water treatment solution, with its innovative technology, is the best possible answer to a wide range of your water treatment requirements. 

Turboflo water treatment solutions have a virtually non-existent carbon footprint, with a non-invasive installation. Its ability to reduce or eliminate water-related problems such as limescale, biofouling, and corrosion makes the Turboflo water treatment solution the most profitable and best possible method to treat your water systems.

 We realize our technology is new and we know that when it comes to your water treatment, you need to hear from someone you trust. That’s why at Turboflo water treatment solutions, we train all of our staff to provide the highest level of customer service and support. We believe the way we treat our valued clients is a big part of that.

If you have any further questions about how Turboflo water treatment solutions work, For example: how to install it, how to use it for your specific industry, or how to order it – we have the best team members standing by to help. We are extremely proud of the countless testimonials we have received from satisfied Turboflo water treatment solutions customers, and we hope to see you join their ranks.


After installation of waterIZER, the water feels lighter and better on the skin, I highly recommend the product as it is maintenance free.

M S Yogesh

Dev Officer, LIC, Mysore

The experience with Turboflo has been satisfying, the scaling of water and appearance of salt flakes on water has stopped, giving a transparent look to the water in the sump.

B V Prakash

Banker, Mysore

It has just been a month since we installed the Turboflo product and I can already see a difference while taking a shower, washing clothes and utensils. We hope the performance remains intact in the years to come.

Lavanya Karthigeyan

Home-maker, Mysore

My house is 19 years old, we got the waterIZER installed around 3 months back, we have seen a massive difference in terms of the softness of water, the hair fall and calling has reduced dramatically, we are happy with the product and service of Turboflo.


Member, Ladies Club, Bogadi, Mysore

The instrument is extremely helpful in solving scaling. The performance of the product so far has been excellent.

B M Ramapriya

Retd DGM, Mysore

We are extremely happy with the product and service offered by Turboflo. We can see clear difference in the water quality post installing waterIZER, the scaling has reduced, hairball has reduced, the water feels lighter, and we are able to consume more water. We would highly recommend Turboflo for all your water treatment related problems.

Diwakar D

Saraswathipuram, Mysore

I purchased the waterIZER by Turbo on my gut instinct and a bit of web research. The product has proven to be an extremely wise purchase, I am extremely happy with the performance delivered by the product.

Janerdhan Bhat


Who can avail our Water Treatment Services


Individual Households

Manufacturing Industries

Corporate Companies

Who can avail our Water Treatment Services

Water is the basic source of life, clean water ensures the good health of all living beings on earth. Access to clean water is a basic fundamental right for every human. However, we found there are millions of people who struggle to get more basic services.

210 crore people have, since 1990, got better access to good water and sanitation services, however, decreasing availability of quality drinking water is the utmost and dangerous problem affecting all places. It is estimated that at least 1 out of every 4 people will be affected by water scarcity by 2050.

210 crore people have, since 1990, got better access to good water and sanitation services, however, decreasing availability of quality drinking water is the utmost and dangerous problem affecting all places. It is estimated that at least 1 out of every 4 people will be affected by water scarcity by 2050.

Water Treatment Solution ensures access for clean water and avoids contamination of virus/bacteria from rivers and seas.

What is water treatment?

Water treatment is an approach to types of operations (physical, chemical, physicochemical and biological), the objective of which is to eradicate contamination or non-desirable characteristics of water.

The goal of this process is to have water with the right content for the use intended for it. This is why the water treatment process varies as a function of the properties of the water being supplied and its final use. (Insert a image with women, water splash on face drinking water with transparent glass) 

Water treatment is very important due to drinking water shortages and the growing needs of the global population. Of the planet’s total water reserves, only 2.5% is freshwater – and of this amount only 0.4% is water fit for human consumption.

Problems With Hard Water

Hard Scale, On Expensive Taps & Fittings

Blockage Of Showers & Jacuzzi

Less Lathering With More Detergents

Choking & Scaling Of Home Appliances

Frizzy Hairs

Rough Skin

Bacteria Contaminated water

Tooth Brushes breed Bacteria

Fruits & Vegetables habitat bacteria virus & fungus

Kitchen, Bathrooms, Dining area, etc., are the hotspots that breed Microbes

Contaminated floors lead to unhygienic environment

Solution With WaterIZER

Increased efficiency & Reduced Wear & Tear of water bearing equipment

Avoids Blockages due to scales in pipes and on taps

Improved Lathering

Smooth & Conditioned Hair.

Quicker Heating with reduced fuel costs

Reduces Bacterial Burden

Keeps water fresh for longer duration

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