WaterIZER™ Working Principle

WaterIZER™ is a antiscaling cum antimicrobial water treatment. It uses a combination of water treatment technologies like magnetic water treatment technology, turbulent water treatment technology, calcium adsorption and ORSi Antimicrobial technology.

It has two devices that are installed in series i.e., Harmoniser and Augmentur. Harmoniser works on the principles of Magnetohydrodynamic effect. Augmentur works on the calcium adsorption using silver ions.

Harmoniser For Anti-Scaling

It uses silicon dioxide spheres that are placed in a unique geometrical pattern which alters the flow of water to gain turbulence. Silicon dioxide spheres are followed by placement of spherical magnets. Together it helps in reducing the size of calcium particles and other suspended particles. The working of the magnetic water conditioner is subject to certain working principles depending on the water condition. It is observed that independently magnetic water conditioners are not so effective in a varying water conditions as such when it is combined with turbulent water conditioning it gives better result. Harmoniser works on the principles of Hydromagnetodynamic effect categorized as a physical water treatment device. It changes the form of calcium from calcite to aragonite. During the the turbulent water flow the stern layer around calcite is broken and to form aragonite. Calcium when in calcite (Crystalline) form is the contributing factor for the formation of hard scale deposit. It is found that the Calcite : Aragonite ratio produced in evaporated scale deposits to be 80:20 before Hydromagnetodynamic treatment of hard water and the Calcite : Aragonite ratio after treatment is 30:70. As such the greater presence of calcium in water, in the form of Aragonite over calcite, contributes to the formation of only “soft scale” which is the residual hardness. It results in reduced hard scale deposits.

Augmentur For Health & Antimicrobial

Uses ORSi Antimicrobial Technology, under license from Advanced Noble Synergies Pvt Ltd. It has a unique AgPoss(R) ion release technology which is made with 99.99% pure silver. It optimally releases Ag+ (silver ions) which does not leach silver hence safe and long lasting.

Healthy Green Building

Water treated through our unit carries Ag+ as it flows. Whether it flows through the pipes, water tanks, bathrooms, kitchen, washing areas or where ever exposed brings down the bio burden of that area. The presence of Ag+ in water keeps the water fresh and free from stagnation for extended periods. The present focus of the Indian Green Building Council is to encourage the construction of healthy green building. WaterIZER can bring about an improved hygienic environment of the building.


Our body is naturally tuned to self heal but the bio burden (bacterial burden) is a significant factor which inhibits the natural healing action. Ag+ ( silver ions ) are known for its anti microbial properties. Consuming purified water having Ag+ will help in the self healing process of the body. It reduces the homocystein levels by scavenging free radicals. Water containing Ag+ acts as an immuno modulator and helps in maintaining good health. Ag+ is safe for human consumption. There are no known ill effects of consuming Ag+. WHO has recommended the use of silver in drinking water upto 100 ppb. This technology is designed to release Ag+ within the recommended levels.

Augmentur For Anti-Scaling Properties

Augmentur which uses ORSi Antimicrobial Technology releases silver ions in water which helps in calcium adsorption and to disinfect water. Hydromagnetodynamic treatment also does not give a total solution. Even the calcite : aragonite ratio is not satisfactory in several water conditions. As such Augmentur has very unique calcium adsorption using silver ions. Silver ions have the ability to sequester calcium and acts as an emulsifying agent. The addition of this unit acts as a catalyst for the entire process of avoiding hard water scales. Thus giving a optimal solution to tackle the hard water problems.

It is important to note here that the above three technologies can independently help in solving the hard water scaling but in only select water condition. Practically on field ascertaining the quality of water and working out a suitable technology is impossible especially as even the supplied water or the ground water varies from time to time season to season. WaterIZER need not have a in detail pre assessment of the water condition. As such it can be adapted to 90% of the water conditions.

As such we at Turboflo Water Sciences Private Limited are happy to have developed the unique, Hybrid Technology using magnetic water treatment technology, turbulent water treatment technology and calcium adsorption to give an easiest and long lasting solution which not only reduces limestone scaling but also de-scales any existing scales and brings down the Bio-Burden around us.


ISO 9001:2005, 13285
Basic Product Certification