Importance of Water Filtration in Agriculture In India

Agriculture, a crucial sector of our economy accounts for 14 percent of the nation’s GDP and about 11 percent of its exports. India has the second-largest arable land base (159.7 million hectares) after the US and therefore the largest gross irrigated area (88 million hectares) within the world. Rice, wheat, cotton, oilseeds, jute, tea, sugarcane, and potatoes are the foremost agricultural commodities produced.

In most of the case a polluted water can wash away the important ingredients (nutrients) that are required by the plants. Without theses nutrients plants get harmed, and rise in fungal infections and insects. Pollution leaves large amounts of aluminium within the soil which is taken in to account  to be very dangerous for the plant.

Turboflo E-Water Harmoniser

Turboflo WaterIZER Harmoniser is a harmonized structuring unit that is all set to start Water-Revolution in agriculture with No Maintenance and No Water Wastage. A natural softener to melt H2O that may be utilized in agriculture.

Turboflo WaterIZER Harmoniser (TWH) is a soul solution for all water-related problems, and it has many benefits for agricultural purposes. Water Harmoniser does not require salts, chemicals, and magnets; it has multiple benefits including complete stoppage of hard scaling and reversal of existing scaling on taps and pipes. Waterizer harmoniser, a natural water softener, the oxidation and physical phenomenon of water thereby improving the condition of the plants. It also prevents the expansion of algae and keeps the water fresh; it is easy to install and has zero maintenance.

Importance of Water Ph level in Agriculture

The normal pH range for agriculture water is from 6.5 to 8.4 ranges. A different value is a warning that the water needs further evaluation. E-Water Harmoniser helps to get oxygenated water and has balanced pH levels. It contributes to better hydration and nutrient absorption. Clusters of minerals are split into small particles and help in the easy flow of minerals from roots to stem. less water for plant and a proper water structure offer better nutrient density which results on good growth of plant and food.

Nurture your crops with Waterizer Harmoniser

  • A higher percent of seeds sprout
  • Plants mature quicker
  • Leaves and fruit are larger
  • Flowers produce more blossoms with brighter colors
  • Plants will require less fertilizer as Nutrient uptake is increased.
  • Plants are now healthier, which is more resistant to insects and disease
  • It increases Fruit and vegetable shelf life
  • Taste of Fruit & Vegetables becomes better.

Benefits of Waterizer Harmoniser

  • Less tip burning problem in leaves up to 45% to 60%
  • Removes and prevents scaling on dripper and sprinkler
  • Makes soil soft and improves PH levels
  • An increase in solubility of water for fertilizers gives 100% benefits of fertilizers
  • Balanced oxygen concentration which improves seed germination process.
  • Improve rate of growth of every type of each sort of crops & plants by 35% to 40%
  • Reduces the effect of Chlorides & Fluorides, increases roots efficiency
  • Minimize bacteria in water and solve root disease problem.
  • Immaculate plant structure & plant structure area to boost water absorption by roots
  • Water can be saved by 20% to 30%
Due to an outsized number of minerals present in water, water becomes hard, when it comes within the water pipeline, drip irrigation line, and sprinkler, the nozzle gets choked over it slow and there’s no uniform facility to all or any cropsAlso, hard TDS water burns tips of leaves, reduces the growth of the plant, affects crops yield as compared to normal water farming, and also damages the soil structure.

Turboflo Waterizer Harmoniser is a permanent solution for all your hard water-related problems

Turboflo is one of the distinguished companies in the business for manufacturing and supplying a superior range of water harmoniser. Our skilled experts develop a wide range of water harmonisers using top-quality material and innovative technology. Waterizer Harmoniser is an anti-scaling and anti0microbial water treatment, It uses a combination of water treatment technologies like magnetic water treatment technology, turbulent water treatment technology, calcium–sequestering technology, and ORSi Antimicrobial technology. It has two devices that are installed in series i.e., Harmoniser and Augmentur. Harmoniser works on the principles of the Magnetohydrodynamic effect. Augmentur works on the calcium–sequestering technology using silver ions. Water treated through our unit carries Ag+ as it flows through the pipes, it brings down the bioburden of that area. The presence of Ag+ in water keeps the water fresh and free from stagnation for extended periods. The present focus of the Indian Green Building Council is to encourage the construction of a healthy green building. WaterIZER can bring about an improved hygienic environment for the building.

WaterIZER Harmoniser

25% – 30% reduction in chemicals and fertilisers

25% reduction in water consumption

30% – 60% increases of production and yield

Increase nutrients absorption on strengthen

Promote longevity and enhance health


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